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Thursday, 28 Sep 2023
About Oliver Heslop and his business
Hi, I’m Oliver, and I began studying tax law when the internet was unknown, and mobile phones weighed 20lbs.  That was the 1990’s.  
I have lived the expatriate life myself, and experienced the good and the bad.   I have felt the extreme heat of Dubai and lived in the extreme cold of a Warsaw winter.  I loved both in all honesty !  And I now have 25+ years of experience.
If an expat tax issue is bothering you, Ask Oliver !

Why Our Firm?

You must ask our clients, or you can ask us.   
We work in a specialist area of tax, and we have a passion for it.
Oliver’s training with Deloitte, and EY means you will receive a premiumservice but Oliver will remain your contact throughout.

Our Mission

My mission is not to worry too much about mission statements. 
We want you to like working with us, as much as we enjoy doing the work.  
My personal goal is to work for more clients like you, who appreciate our high quality advice.


  • How do you become UK Tax Resident?
  • What is UK Tax Residence?
  • Tax resident expats still enjoy many MULTIPLE tax benefits
  • How can we maximise them?
  • You have probably left the UK or considering leaving the UK ?
  • We help you to navigate the complex UK laws.
  • There many decent UK tax benefits for non-residents,
  • Are you UK non-domiciled ?
  • You can have major tax advantages in UK.
  • These benefits do not last forever, so For you to enjoy them,  
  • We must follow these UK laws to the letter.



Consistent contact always

Oliver is your contact on your tax affairs.
From start to finish.  Period.
We’re a very energetic small tax boutique.
Driven by one person, Oliver.


80+ Countries – worldwide

We have a solid network of firms all over the world.

Personal contacts in over 80 different firms.

We often speak with Vimala in Singapore, with Francesco in Spain, with Sam in Melbourne.


Tax Savings

We can deliver multiple savings and rebates, all areas because of Oliver’s lengthy experience in the expat field.

We don’t charge for a quick review !


Big business and small start-ups

We work for every type of business, namely :

Major UK plc’s with existing expat programs (and expats everywhere) but also new businesses looking to send their first employee overseas.

Q Hi I’m moving to live abroad, from the UK, in the next six weeks. Just looking to learn about tax restrictions and requirements.

Great ! We spend many, many hours on UK tax issues related to working abroad. We help clients to achieve UK non-residence and to keep that status. The law can be a maze here, but it’s our niche and our specialism. Call us for a FREE chat, we can save you time and costs.

Q I’m moving to work in the UK for about a three years posting. What are the main UK tax issues to face in the early months and the first year ?

There are quite a few UK tax issues to manage, but this is one of our main areas of service. We do
UK tax planning for new arrivals, and medium-term expats to the UK. There is a long list of tax reliefs
and benefits open to you. Money back and tax rebates.

Q I work in the City of London and I am on secondment from eg the EU/USA. Can you assist me to minimise UK tax, and avoid double taxation ?

Absolutely. We have many personal expat tax clients in the same position. We can assist you to
avoid unnecessary UK taxes. And we work with your home country tax provider to ensure
consistent tax filing.

Q I have moved to the South East of England and I am classed as a UK non-domicile. Can you help me with tax planning ?

Yes, we offer a full client care tax service for people who are new to the UK. Other clients just
need our help with certain issues eg keeping monies outside the UK, or ring-fencing certain capital gains.

Q I live in the South East of England and the trains are absolutely terrible.

Sorry, yes, that is one downside of UK life but there are endless positives to the UK.

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